Intimate Couples Session at home with Pizza and Dancing


Pizza & Dancing Date Night Intimate Home Couple's Session

𝗜𝗳 đ˜€đ˜đ—źđ˜†đ—¶đ—»đ—Ž đ—¶đ—» đ—źđ—»đ—± đ—Œđ—żđ—±đ—Čđ—żđ—¶đ—»đ—Ž đ—œđ—¶đ˜‡đ˜‡đ—ź + 𝗼 đ—čđ—¶đ˜ƒđ—¶đ—»đ—Ž room đ—±đ—źđ—»đ—°đ—Č đ—œđ—źđ—żđ˜đ˜† đ˜€đ—Œđ˜‚đ—»đ—±đ˜€ đ—čđ—¶đ—žđ—Č đ˜†đ—Œđ˜‚đ—ż đ—žđ—¶đ—»đ—±đ—ź đ—»đ—¶đ—Žđ—”đ˜, đ˜đ—”đ—Čđ—» 𝗜 𝗼đ—ș đ˜†đ—Œđ˜‚đ—ż đ—Žđ—¶đ—żđ—č. And as much as I like pizza and dancing, it’s not about that. It’s about creating space for an intimate and true experience. It’s about going a little deeper and telling your story instead of taking posed pictures. So you can look back and see your story told and really feel those moments. That’s what it’s about for me. But pizza (especially Hawaiian pizza ) is one hell of an added bonus!
I’ve been a photographer for five years now. When I started photography, I started on the surface level. I learned all of the things – how to set my settings, composition, lighting, how to direct, how to just not take a bad photo. When I bought my first camera, it was out of the desire to tell stories – The stories of the many people and places I visited and the travels that changed my life. But my love of storytelling was quickly overshadowed by all the technical things I had to learn. Recently I’ve found myself called back to story, and longing to go deeper. I don’t just want to make pretty pictures that are technically correct and visually appealing. I want to see your soul, to know you deeply, what lights you up, what’s brings you peace, what connects you.

This shoot with N & Z filled me up – we stripped it all away. The pretty dresses, and lavish details and the gorgeous mountain backdrop – don’t get me wrong – I love those things too – but what is real underneath it all? You. Your story.

Are you ready to start your greatest adventure yet?

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I’m your Wedding and Elopement photographer, but i’m also your dream enabler, permission grantor, and co-conspirator. I’m here for you, holding your hand, and helping you to craft an outside the box wedding experience that is unique, intentional and true to you and your life adventure together.




Jess Albonico

Jess Albonico

Seattle + PNW Wedding Photographer, helping couples ditch the rulebook and have a wedding day as epic and unique as there life adventure together.

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