Love-Filled Intimate Wedding at San Juan Islands Airbnb – Tamasha + Carri

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Love-Filled Intimate Wedding at San Juan Islands Airbnb l Tamasha + Carri

When Tamasha and Carri sat down to plan their wedding, there was literally no script. They went out to dinner one night and literally dreamt up what the ritual of marriage looked like for them. It can only be described as completely uniquely them in every way.

Tamasha initially dreamt of a big wedding with lots of people. Carri imagined a small beach wedding for just the two of them or a select few.

But like the incredible partners they are, they met in the middle and planned a day that represented who they are together.

They planned the perfect small wedding at an Airbnb in the San Juan Islands!

They would have 30 or so of their closest friends and family all gathered at a big San Juan Islands Airbnb (with permission, of course!) for a weekend of celebration and community.

I’ve been to many small weddings, but never one quite like this because it was literally designed for them by them.

  • To start the day, they shared a special and private ritual together at sunrise on a nearby beach.
  • They spent the morning listening to special music, playing games, and getting ready together with their friends.
  • They had a shrine of special moments from their relationship together – inside jokes, pictures, notes of good times, and challenges overcome.
  • Before the ceremony, they sat together under the altar and meditated.
  • Rather than procession into the ceremony themselves, they had their guests procession in one by one and they greeted them with music, dancing, and big hugs.
  • Throughout the whole ceremony, there was a palpable feeling of love, calm, and community – from the rings that were passed and touched by all, to the moments of meditation, to the impromptu dancing and laughter and the tears shed by everybody present.

You only get married once so do it your way. This is what I preach to all my couples and believe with all my heart. But I didn’t have to tell them that. They were five steps ahead already planning every moment to be a thoughtful reflection of who they are together, including the most unique and beautiful ceremony I think I’ve ever witnessed. Not one dry eye in the house, mine included. 

Tamasha and Carri, thank you for reminding me why it is I do what I do, and why I love it so damn much. It was an absolute honor to be invited into this beautiful and sacred space with you, and to document the moments and memories you’ll cherish forever.

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