Rainy Moody Olympic National Park Elopement | Molly + Alex


Being a part of this rainy moody Olympic National Park elopement was an absolute joy. Molly and Alex are a super sweet laid, back couple. They are adventurous spirits and love to explore the great outdoors in their free time together. Their shared passion for animals and the environment made it a must to have a day immersed in nature while ensuring it was sustainable and kind to mother nature. Another must for them was having their immediate families share the experience. This day signified the joining of families, an aspect of the day that was just as important to them as the promise they were making to one another.

Molly and Alex knew their elopement day was no less magical than a traditional wedding. They rented an Airbnb on Lake Sutherland to share with their families, and planned a week-long experience to celebrate the start of their new adventure together. Each day, they explored a new site around Olympic National Park together as a family! Every day was magical in its own way, and with each day, the anticipation for THE day was building.

The morning of their special day rolled in with rain and moody clouds hanging above the water.

but the weather didn’t stop Molly and Alex from enjoying every moment of their day. They went to different areas of the Airbnb, got ready with their families, and took time alone to write in their vow books. Later, the rain settled to a drizzle, and the most magnificent fog hung above the lake, just in time for their first look on the dock. After a tearful first look, we all headed to Madison falls for the ceremony. Outshined elopements officiated a gorgeous personalized ceremony, and with their families and a thundering waterfall as their witnesses, Molly and Alex made it official. 

After exploring the falls, we headed to Lake Crescent. Just steps away from the lake, in front of Lake Crescent Lodge, their families decorated a picnic table with a gorgeous cake from That Takes the Cake, bottles of champagne, and burgers and fries from their favorite local burger joint (which they discovered during their adventures earlier in the week!) Luckily, the rain fully departed just long enough for us to sit and enjoy all the delicious things!

After we all had our fill of cake, burgers, and champagne, their families departed. To finish off the perfect day, Molly, Alex, and I explored local trails and wandered the woods. Just as we were ending the day, the rain came back to say hello, and we captured the most magical backlit rain shot. I swear mother nature conspired to make Molly and Alex‘s day purely Pacific northwest magic.

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  1. What incredibly beautiful images from a wonderful elopement! You captured their special moody PNW elopement so perfectly! I was lucky to be the officiant for their day and to have the opportunity to work with you.

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