Sunrise Elopement at Gold Creek Pond – Valerie + Adam​


When V&A reached out to me, they were sure of 3 things, they wanted to get married somewhere epically beautiful, they wanted some of their closest family by their side, and they wanted simplicity. If I could think of any three ways to describe the day it would be beautiful, intimate, and simple. V&As sunrise elopement at Gold Creek Pond was one of those that reminded me just how powerful and beautiful, simplicity can be.

My friends and family would tell you that I’m not a morning person. I truly never was and coffee is certainly required! But sunrise elopements are something special. There’s quiet and calm energy to them, and a special kind of magic that comes with having nature’s majesty all to yourselves.

The day started in the lingering light of dawn when I met A in the parking lot. His parents drove to be there and we’re helping him adjust his tie and prepare for the day (and his private first look with me in just a few minutes). As we walked to the trailhead together, I shared his nerves and excitement about the day, and the fun they were already having back at the Airbnb with family who had flown in for the weekend. The walk to the lake was only five minutes. 

Gold Creek pond is a super popular elopement location for this reason! Only about an hour’s drive from Seattle, ample parking, in a five-minute ADA-accessible walk to the most insanely beautiful alpine lake. The work-to-reward ratio is insane and it’s honestly quite rare. That makes this location a fantastic option for couples wanting to elope with a small group of friends and family! As we approached the lake – we were struck by a sense of calm. The light was soft on the mountains and the water perfectly still. I left him to his thoughts and excitement, as I went back to get V for the first look. V&A shared their first look with only the stillness, a mountain, and myself as their witness. They cried. I cried. There was such a beautiful simplicity to the whole moment.

After they spent some time taking in the beauty and the quiet (and taking some pictures in the soft and dreamy light), 10 of their closest friends and family,  some of who had flown in from out of state, joined them for a lakeside ceremony. Today was a special day for several reasons. Of course, it was the day they were to be married, but it was also the date another dating anniversary! It was the first time that their families would all be together. They both shared with me that it was super important for them to have intentional time with their families and to really honor the blending of the families together. From the ceremony that V‘s dad officiated and her aunt wrote, to the champagne pop and toasts to and from family – The importance of family and community was such a special part. 

After a champagne toast and wandering around the lake together, they capped off the day with a final adventure to a nearby waterfall! Simple but special, surrounded by love, and Washington’s incredible natural beauty – V&A’s day was so damn special and so perfectly them.

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