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& Intimate Wedding Photographer & Guide
Washington and Oregon Pricing
& Intimate Wedding Photographer & Guide
Washington and Oregon Pricing
& Intimate Wedding Photographer & Guide
Washington and Oregon Pricing
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Hey Friends & Fellow Adventurers!

YESSSS, you did it! You made the bold decision to ditch the rulebook and craft an intimate wedding experience that is intentional and true, authentic to who you are together, and connected to each other and the people you hold most dear.

No doubt, if you made it this far, you’re my kinda people. I can’t wait to meet you and hear what your dreaming up. ​

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This is where our adventure begins.

elopement photographer

Guide to 'all the things' elopement & co-creator of your best day ever

Hey there, I'm Jess

And I'm so much more than a photographer

I'm your
Washington-PNW-elopement-photographer_headshot-walking-on-a-dirt-road (1)

I’m an adventure-loving, intimate wedding and elopement photographer and guide, who helps fun, free-spirted, adventure-loving couples (that’s you!) craft unforgettable wedding experiences that are uniquely, YOU.

I believe life is a patchwork of adventures with the people that matter most. To me adventure is not about climbing mountains or trekking miles in the wilderness, but about doing the things, in the places, with the people that set your spirit free.

Washington-PNW-elopement-photographer_headshot-walking-on-a-dirt-road (1)

But of all my adventures, nothing brings me more joy then watching my clients, now friends, embark on their journey together, and capturing their unique adventure story as it unfolds. This is the stuff that fills my cup.

Eloping =

Eloping is a deeply intimate and intentional wedding day that reflects who you are, together. What are the places, the people, and the things that bring your spirit alive and make you, feel like YOU? What would be your best day ever? Wanna cozy up in a little cabin in the woods, say your vows beside a rushing river and join your nearest and dearest for a dinner under the stars? Do it! Is your travel lust calling you to say your vows, in Ireland, or Iceland or some far off land? Do it! Do you love to kayak, or hike, or picnic, or snuggle up in front of the fire, or road trip, or fill in the blank? Do those things that make you happy, and feel like you.

Because you can. Because it’s your day.

Because there are no rules

Why would I want full coverage of my wedding day experience ?

Because it's just that - your wedding day

I believe an elopement is SO much more than a vow reading and a few quick pics. Choosing an elopement does not mean that your wedding is less special. It means that every moment is crafted to be intentional and personally meaningful. From the moment you wake until you go to sleep, it will be your very best day ever that you will never want to forget.

You're wedding day is not a photoshoot

Lindsay + William

Sure, I’ll be there, with my camera, but every ounce of your day will be lost in one another, and with those you choose to share your day with. Sometimes, I will laugh with you and I’m a big sap, so yep, I will cry with you. Sometimes I will step away, and leave you to the moment. And sometimes, I will help you remember the moments that matter most. Mostly, I’ll be there, a friend and witness, to document the whole story of your greatest adventure, as it unfolds.

It's the day you embark on your

greatest adventure yet

How does this work?

5 steps to your DREAM ELOPEMENT experience

1. Free Consult Call

2. Lock It In, Let the Adventure Begin

3. Unlimited Location, Timeline, and Planning Assistance

4. Your Best Day Ever!!!

5. The Whole Story Captured to Share with Friends and Family

Let's get dreaming - Schedule your consult call!

Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photography Collections

Washington & Oregon Pricing, 2022

Like I'd said, I'm more than just a photographer.

all elopement packages include:


timeline planning


custom location suggestions


unlimited calls & planning guidance


optional officiant services

I Fly Free

photographers travel fees covered


all full-sized/fully edited images in custom gallery



I Fly Free




pricing information

Elopement & Intimate Wedding Collection


Are you ready

to Ditch the Rulebook and craft your dream

wedding adventure

Schedule your consult call!

I can't wait to meet you and help you plan an intimate wedding experience that is true to you, and connected to who are together.